Serving the Costa Brava

and Barcelona area

Our clear approach to cost...

We operate a very transparent charging scheme, which is designed to ensure you know as closely as possible what the work will cost before we start. When you contact us via telephone or email, we will be happy to discuss how we charge before coming to your home or office to discuss the work. We understand that you may not always want to go ahead with a repair after hearing our charging structure.

We will always price the labour for a job in two ways: as an hourly rate and as a fixed cost. You can then decide what you consider to be the most acceptable to you. In all cases, our no-fix-no-fee guarantee stands. If we don't fix it you pay nothing, not even the call-out charge.

If parts are necessary we will quote you for the parts and discuss with you the options that may be suitable for your computer. For example, you may want to simply replace the part with an identical item or to take the opportunity to perform an upgrade. In either case, we will quote you for the parts in writing before the work starts.

Our hourly rate
We make a charge of €30 per hour for labour. This includes the call-out charge, diagnosis of the problem and soak testing where appropriate.

We will quote a minimum and maximum number of labour hours for all work and will charge you for the time it takes up to the maximum number of hours. If it takes us longer than the maximum we have quoted then you pay no more. You only pay for the time it takes in half hour units after the first hour.

For example, if we quote that a repair will take between 1 and 3 hours and it takes 2 hours 15 minutes you pay for 2.5 hours at €30 per hour. While if it takes 4 hours you only pay the maximum quoted labour charge of 3 hours at €30 per hour.

Fixed price
We will quote a fixed price for the labour required for the work and if the work takes longer you will still only pay the fixed price. This price includes the call-out charge, all labour associated with repair and any soak testing we consider necessary to confirm the repair.